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Dolce Italia was born thanks to two young people passionate about ice cream, in all its forms: ice creams, sorbets, ice lollies, ice cream pies, affogati, ice cream sundaes with fruit, frozen cookies and much more! Now let's move on to the origin of our passion.

It is true that Italians are known to love ice cream but not all open an artigianale gelateria. We are particularly passionate about making “made on the spot” ice cream. With the ice machines of a large Italian company, invented four years ago, we can make 3 kg of fresh ice in approximately 15 minutes. You just need good products with a little experience and passion and voila, the ice cream is ready!

We invite you to Rue Louis de Savoie 48 in Morges, to discover this instant production which always fascinates young and old alike.

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